Capture d'écran d'une prise dont le spot est privé

How to keep your spot private ?

A question often comes from our users: how to protect its favorite fishing spot, while sharing their catches ?

As anglers, we know that the fishing spot is the most sensible information, and that we most protect it at all cost.

Although we sometimes introduce our closest friends to some well-kept places, we generally do not disclose where we caught the fish. However, we like to share the photos!

On FishFriender you can very well put a public catch while keeping its spot private: the people with whom you share your catch will see only the city, and a circle of a radius of 10km around this city (not the GPS point). You, however, will always have access to the exact place to return later!

Screenshot of a catch with a public spot
Screenshot of a catch with a private spot
Change the spot privacy

To protect the spot :

– go to the edit catch form
– scroll down until the option “catch visibility”

Here you can choose three privacy levels:
« public »: everyone can see the exact GPS point of your catch.
« friends »: only your friends can see the GPS point in the app. Non friends can only see the city.
« private »: you and only you can see the precise spot. Everyone else will only see the city. By default the spot privacy is set on private.

Of course, the spot privacy setting is taken into account only if the catch is shared: a catch whose privacy level is set to “private” will not be visible to anyone other than you (even if the spot is set to public!)

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