A new look for Fishfriender

Introducing a new look for Fishfriender

Hi everyone!

Since we started we’ve made it our mission to make fishing anywhere as simple as possible. We’ve come a long way since then and last year more than 100k unique users around the world used Fishfriender to record half a million catches! We think that’s pretty amazing.

In the beginning, our brand represented what our product did. Simply save a catch and access all your historical catches in one place, forever. As the years have progressed, you’ve shown us how fishing can be multifaceted and the unique challenges Fishfriender should help us overcome. From tracking catches or sessions, to finding new places or anglers; you’re constantly inspiring us and teaching us the true meaning of the Future of Fishing. Thank you for that!

End of last year, we started working secretly on a brand new look for the app and now the change is complete. Today, we are introducing our first new visuals for Fishfriender along with a major upgrade to the FEED experience and our first ever Premium plan, to make your fishing even better.

A brand new look

Fishfriender is a community of people who are devoted to Fishing. For them, fishing is not a sport, it’s part of who they are. It’s not just “fishing” it’s core to their life, for the long term, and has a strong purpose. Their shared passion and commitment is what connects them. Our job is to help them love what they do even more, keep them fishing smarter and enhance their fishing experience. This has been at the core when developing the new identity and user experience.

We’re a fishing brand (not a tech brand), and we designed from the angler’s point of view with confidence. No tech will ever be more meaningful than the angler’s actual fishing experience. Our design gets out of the way. We don’t steal their moments, or waste their time. We amplify their experience. We want to be a tool that can accompany anglers wherever they go, to allow them to instantly connect with other anglers and collaborate when needed.

All of this is reflected in the new app experience, evolving around 4 principles:

  • Put the angler first — Everything we design is for the angler and must improve their experience. Let’s be useful to them.
  • Be unfiltered — Our content is authentic, honest and unfiltered, shared by the community in search of the moments that best epitomize our anglers’ passion for fishing.
  • Keep the record — Fishfriender data is a unique and powerful source of motivation for the angler. The Feed is an endless, living catalog of catches. It implies two ideas at the heart of the app: selection and curation. Fishfriender is both catalog and curator, calling forth and constantly updating selections custom-tailored to users.
  • Build a community — Strengthening the bonds between anglers is our superpower. Our design connect anglers to those who motivate them and stoke the camaraderie and friendly competition of a team.

We have collaborated over thousands of hours to bring you a new look and feel that we hope will inspire and encourage you to keep exploring and fish where you thrive.

A major facelift to our FEED experience:

Thanks to you all, Fishfriender is quickly becoming one of the largest and most popular community-based fishing Apps. It now has a following that includes thousands of active anglers sharing very helpful info about their catches and various other fish related findings on a daily basis.

Our current “discovery” experience has served us well over the last several years, but with more than half a million catches recorded in 2019, it was coming of age…Now, we have redesigned the discovery experience from the ground up with a new FEED section including a lot of content personalisation to make it even better and more fun to explore what’s happening in the community.

Fishfriender has always been about sharing content from and for the community, letting users discover and enjoy other angler’s activities and catches. We’ve now invested even more in this by expanding our FEED to be more dynamic and personal with catches and gear based on your interests and historic activity as an angler.

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Introducing SCALE: the best of Fishfriender.

For the past few years, we’ve run Fishfriender as our free app offering — featuring unlimited catches and access to all features. We’ve always been committed to provide an integrated solution that supports our day to day fishing activities, no matter the cost.

Over time, the usage of Fishfriender has grown significantly to the point where we now have over 100K+ users and are seeing an increase in our hosting cost, maintenance cost and also our development cost. While we’re excited by the exponential growth of Fishfriender, we also want to ensure that we can maintain our commitment to offer a free access to Fishfriender for all our users and fishing enthusiasts out there.

To keep this commitment while serving our most dedicated anglers, we’re very excited to introduce SCALE to the community — our new premium plan, designed to help you crush your fishing goals and maximise your data insights.

After a pilot phase with a handful users, it has been great to see anglers starting to use our premium features, and we are very grateful for all the feedback we have received. We learned that if most of our anglers need to keep track of an abundance of fishing days, they mostly need to see how successful they were on each one. They want Fishfriender to help them see patterns on their fishing log that led them to be wildly successful and then use that to their advantage the next time they go out on the water. They want recommendation-based features to fish smarter!

We’ve heard this feedback loud and clear, so we designed SCALE around 3 axes:

  • SCALE Analysis — We know it can be hard to tell if your fishing session is really making an impact, especially if you fish across different styles, locations and species. We developed SCALE Analysis to make it easy for you to track your fishing over time, compare with past seasons, and personal trends. We’ve broken down each element of your catches so you’ll be able to easily analyze your fishing and improve over time.
  • SCALE Community — You can have a lot of fun using Fishfriender as a tracking app and fishing log, but it really comes to life when you invite friends and use Fishfriender as a fishing social network. SCALE Social has been designed to help you connect with new anglers around you, to find new friends or get advices from local experts in your area.
  • SCALE Forecast — Discover which moon phase, weather conditions and day works best for you.

SCALE is designed to bring you the best experience with advanced features, while keeping costs reasonable for the community at large. We believe that once anglers get a chance to experience what SCALE truly can do for them, they’ll start to use Fishfriender more for their everyday fishing.

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What’s next?

In the next few weeks, you’ll see more of our new branding coming to the app. We’re planning a full release of FishFriender 2.0 before March 2020. SCALE is officially effective as of this post, you can discover more details about it on our app. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one by downloading our app here:

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